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When paths cross, what are we to do?

When paths cross, what are we to do? A morning walk in Fayetteville, AR, showed me amusing, enlightening intersections of paths. The path of deciding Sun was not yet visible yet the sky had opened to soft uncolor before bright yellow against calm blue. As I walked from residential streets into downtown, a crow perched […]

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It’s like falling off a log

Falling off a log became my idea of how we grow. That’s how I heard the minister as she explained that life is a series of Lessons that provide Opportunities that give us Gifts of knowing and growing. Falling off a LOG. And as I pondered the idea, I realized I’d been having just such […]

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Thrill rides with God!

Thrill rides at Silver Dollar City, near Branson, MO, recently gave Cindy and me the chance to shake off adulthood, sort of. It was my first time at a true amusement park in almost 50 years. Thrill rides have come a long way in that half-century. So have I. However, I discovered our long ways […]

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Where’s my authenticity?

With no concern for my authenticity, I read Michael Gelb’s How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci in 1998, 20 years ago. Curiosita is the first of the seven principles that generated Leonardo da Vinci’s genius. It obviously means curiosity. One of Gelb’s book’s exercises is to stretch (and test) one’s curiosita by listing 100 […]

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