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Morning Prayer 17/100. Forgetful

Forgetful thanks to my intense attention to a work assignment, I overlooked posting yesterday’s Morning Prayer. Or, what is now today’s Morning Prayer. About being forgetful. Spiritually forgetful. So often I begin a day by reminding myself to pray frequently, to pray at the spur of the moment, to pray without planning, to pray for no […]

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Morning Prayer 7/100. A warning

A warning given — and received — during my early morning run. The day was dawning bright and warm. Many walkers were out and everyone was friendly. With all of them I shared a wave or a smile or a “Good morning!” Approaching a single walker from behind, I issued my customary warning. I lightly, […]

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Expressing Peace. Inner Peace (2). 96.

This will be our second look at inner peace. 83 posts ago we listed different ways to identify, define, experience our individual inner peace. Today we will take a sampling of 12 ways to achieve that inner peace. I’ve encountered, read, and sampled dozens of suggestions to get to one’s inner peace. During the past […]

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Expressing Peace. Rain’s Peace. 84.

Weather forecast for today and tomorrow: rain. Steady, needed, welcomed rain. Not everyone’s Gene Kelly. Some see downpours as interruptions, showers as bothers, and even drizzles as nuisances. There’s no poem asking the sun to go away and come again another day. However, rain does provide peace in many ways, many forms, and many meanings. […]

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