Praying Made Easy. 1. Work Day Prayer.

“Praying made easy” (and a good work day prayer) seems a good idea considering how often I hear people express difficulty with their praying. This new series is to offer comfort and support to anyone and everyone who wants greater ease with their praying.

Not sure how long it will run. I know I’ve now got 40 items I want to cover. 40 is a good spiritual number, but I’m not sure we’ll stop there.

Please know I will cherish your comments, questions, suggestions. Thank you.

Praying Made Easy. 1. Work Day Prayer

work day prayer

Work Day Prayer Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I’ve heard more than one person say to me they need a prayer that gives them a good work day. In a humorous way but with an I’m-serious-about-this undertone, they’ve asked for a work day prayer.

I’ve suggested, “Just say it. Just say you expect to have a good-better-best day at work.” I cannot say my suggestion has been followed. So this seems a good place to start.

Before you start your work day prayer, allow yourself a moment when you will contemplate the good (better, best) work day. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly, deeply a couple of times. In sequence, allow your mind to see three elements of your work day. Visualize you performing each task. Clearly see the specifics that make the work element good (better, best) for you: a completed task, positive feedback, feeling fulfilled, contribution to a larger process…

Include those specifics in your work day prayer. Consider which is more powerful to you: asking that those specifics occur or affirming with gratitude that they will occur.

My own work day prayer changes almost every day because I have different things I have to do almost every day. You may also. Visualizing what’s in your day occurring successfully can be of help.

Today’s Work Day Prayer

Good Friend God,
who keeps me company all day at work,
I am pleased by the prospect of this
approaching work day.
I already feel accomplishment, productivity
and creativity. I thank you in advance.
Meetings are going well.
Training design is streamlined, innovative.
Answers to clients in a hurry are calm
and affirming.
Looking ahead with you, Sweet Spirit,
assures me that today is already good,
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

23 October 2017

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