Abundance: 2014

january-calendarPurposeful wait for the first rush of the new year to pass. Now I can take a deep breath  and let go of the pressure — mostly self-imposed — to construct resolutions, goals, objectives, plans, commitments…and more.

Now I can settle in and enjoy recalling the abundance I’ve enjoyed in the past year. Now I can look forward to the abundance the coming year includes.

Now I can offer my prayer for abundance in 2014.

Sweet Spirit,
for every way and form and instance
of abundance and prosperity
given me in 2013
thank you.
I am blessed by marriage and home,
by love from and for family and friends,
by work and reward,
by health and energy. Thank you.
My heart and mind affirm
the joy and blessings already coming.
My faith that what I know is manifest
by Oneness with you
opens my being to recognize that I may receive
your blessings joyfully, totally, gratefully.
Thank you, Spirit, for all you offer me.
And so it is. Amen.

And now I can take the liberty of sharing what I’ve learned makes my prayer comfortable — for me. I can still remember when my prayer was nothing more than a list of what I wanted, random-ordered and punctuated with “amen”. In the last 10 (has it been 15?) years, I’ve learned

  1. To start my prayer with gratitude for the abundance I’ve already and always known.
  2. To know in my heart more abundance is already coming.
  3. Not to think about how; not to ask “how?”
  4. To be really ready to recognize and to receive in whatever form it comes.
  5. To stay with gratitude  for what is on its way.

Happy Abundant New Year!



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