Expressing Thanks.

Expressing Thanks

Expressing Thanks… Every Day

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m aware as I am thinking, typing, even quietly expressing thanks aloud, I don’t need to reserve it for this single day.

Giving thanks truly is a happy thing. The release of expressing gratitude for anything — big, small, life-changing, smile-making — brings back a feel good.

Notice that today. Notice that tomorrow. Notice that the day after Christmas. Notice that when spring arrives.

Today we’ll feel wonderful being among friends and family, focusing our celebration on the long lists of all for which we are thankful (including the table loaded down with food).

I plan to take a breath each time I say (or silently reflect) “I am thankful….”. I plan to let myself zero in on how expressing thanks allows me to feel. I know it will let me feel wonderful in many ways. I know that will happen many times today.

I also plan to invest attention on expressing thanks and how it lets me feel beyond today. Every day doesn’t seem too often!

Living, Loving, Giving GOD,
speaking our gratitude need not be reserved,
not saved for any one specific day
or reason.
Sharing our thanks for the infinite blessings
you share with us
shall not be limited to a national Thursday.
Releasing the joy we know from all you let us
be and do and have
gives us more joy the more often
we say, “Thank you, GOD!”
Expressing thanks is more to let us feel
the joy of thanksgiving
than to let you know we notice all you give.
And so we can enjoy every day
as a day on which we say, “Thank you, Sweet Spirit!”
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Love and thanks!

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Expressing Peace. Finding the Moment. 101.

Finding the Moment for PEace

Finding the Moment for Peace

Finding the moment for active peace on Saturday wouldn’t seem difficult. The weekend comes at once, looked forward to, and often captioned by a long to-do list. And though today was already full-scheduled, it was a joy to find the moment for nothing but peace this morning.

Heavy rain, possible hail, slight chance of tornadoes were all in today’s forecast. I was quick to put a peaceful run into the schedule.

I loved that it happened before the rains arrived.

The thick, white cover of clouds made my slow, mindful run feel it happened under a warm security blanket.

As the snake-winding sidewalk unrolled beneath me, I passed cypress trees and scruffy oaks and an occasional magnolia. Felt like my breath brushed their boughs.

Turning one corner the delightful scent of cedar — rich and strong — greeted me. The flower beds and tree circles had been recently mulched with cedar chips.

And I never had to hurry; running fast was not the objective. Knowing the peace to do the day’s to-dos with abundant peace and more abundant joy: that was the objective.

Objective fulfilled. How was your Saturday?

Sweet Spirit,
Saturday is peaceful, peaceable, and peace-loving
just as any other day. Thank you for that.
Thank you, too, for extra time to create ways
to know the peace that flows from you,
from the Peace you are.
Whatever we may choose to do that brings us peace–
run, garden, shop, sleep, cook, visit, create–
reflects and produces the joy we know
as expressions of your Love and Joy and Peace.
With thanks for Saturday–and every day–
we enjoy the peace you let us make.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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Expressing Peace. What If. 100.

what if

What If I Know Peace?

I’ve often used “what if” questions to jump start my own creativity and the creativity of those with whom I work. These questions can bring clarity of mind.

Concerning the peace we want more of, I suggest the 5 What If’s that follow can  jump start our creative engines and clear our mental windshields.

I encourage you to pause after each question. You don’t have to construct an answer, but make a moment to let the question tickle your heart and mind. Feel it; think it.

What if you realize that you can know peace that is intricate and instantaneous, and you can also know peace that is  magnificent and long-lasing? What if you know both are good and worthy of your celebration?

What if you possess awareness of even the most elusive moments of peace? What if you allow your Self to see and hear and touch and taste and smell those peace moments as they happen?

What if you train yourself to recognize, appreciate and accept peace when(ever) it happens, however it shows itself?

What if you discover and believe you can invite, even create, peace for your well-being, for your happiness…when you want to?

What if you know peace is not a sensation or a feeling you must wait for, rather peace is yours to bring into your present state?

What if one, two, perhaps all five of those “what if’s” are true for you and your peace? Would that be OK with you?

Sweet and Always Present Spirit,
I love your Peace.
I love my peace.
I thank you that you give me Peace.
I thank you that you empower me to have peace.
I feel my Being blessed by the Peace I AM.
I feel my being thrilled by the peace I share.
I love your Peace of which I am created.
I love my peace which I can create.
All this is you, Sweet Spirit.
All this is me, Sweet Spirit, as I am One with you.
That is my Peace. That gives me peace.
And so it is. And so I thank you, GOD.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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