Expressing Peace. Daily Word (2). 78.

Daily Word

Daily Word

Today’s Daily Word says, “We have spiritual power and through our peaceful thoughts, words, and actions, we can create a peaceful world…….I think peace, speak peace, and act in ways that foster peace. I am a peace maker.” The daily word: World Peace.

By today — Day 78 — it must be obvious that I agree — even identify — with that statement. At the same time, I want to take expansion. Expansion, rather than exception.

I would have “world peace” mean more than we normally mean it, not only among nations, tribes, ethnic identities. The intention of today’s Daily Word is the conscious link between our thinking, speaking and acting to foster peace throughout the world.

The truth is that as we think peace, as we speak (and write) peace, and as we foster peace in our solitary acts and our actions for others, then we make peace in our lives also.  We make and know peace in our hearts, in our minds, in our physical being. That allows us to make peace at the kitchen table, among traffic on our highways, in the dairy section at the grocery store.

Perhaps that seems “one person at a time”peace. Yet, the expression of our peace beyond the human world connects with the Spirit that is the Universe, connects with the On that is All. The connecting words, the words that fit in that “……” in the Daily Word passage above are “Through prayer, I strengthen my practice of peace.”

No matter how (or how much) we pray, our peace, our kitchen table peace, reaches out as world peace.

Maker and Giver of Peace,
we would have peace throughout the world.
We consciously affirm as real the peace
we see with our hearts’ eyes
and bless with our hearts’ love.
We know and hold as our intention
universal peace, love fully present.
As much we thank you for the peace we know
that places joy at our front door
and laughter in our friends’ voices
and worthiness throughout the work we do.
The broad span of all that peace is
and does and gives fills our prayers
with our thanks for what is real in our daily lives
and conscious in our hearts’ vision.
And so it we thank you, GOD.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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Expressing Peace. Sneaky Peace. 77.

sneaky peace

Sneaky Peace

Sneaky peace sneaked up on me today. What a beautiful surprise.

It was a beautifully focused day because I was in the “flow”, as written about by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (and discussed in an earlier Expressing Peace).  Highly productive. Fast-moving. Almost totally head-down and creating.

Then, all of a sudden, I was finished. Work was over. The day’s assignment done. Suddenly, the energy I had ridden without noticing s l o w e d   d o w n. That, I noticed.

For a moment I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I could recall the surge and charge of intently working and producing since early in the morning. And quickly I realized I could be “now” and appreciate the standstill, the calm. Sneaky peace. Now I could revel in it.

Like getting a peace two-fer.

Have you ever noticed peace sneaking up on you?

The next time your high energy engagement ends, let yourself recognize the beautiful peace that follows.

Loving One,
thank you for the energy
that lets me know the calm,
and thank you for the peace
that lets me seize the doing.
The balance of moving so fast
that the standstill is all the richer.
The yin yang of working with such fervor
that putting down the tools is bliss.
And all is Peace. Both halves make up the whole;
Peace is the Whole.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Two times.

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Expressing Peace. Poo. 76.

poo bag

Poo and Peace

She was truly graceful, scraping dog poo from her sandal’s sole on the grass between the sidewalk and the parking lot.

As I ran past, I raised my arms in supplication. “It wasn’t my dog! I always pick up after…”

In a single expression she smiled and growled, “It makes me so mad!”

Perhaps 50 strides down the road I thought, “That’s what forgiveness is for!”

Forgiveness is for the forgiver more than the forgiven. Forgiveness lets one experience peace instead of ire. Laughter instead of grimace. Release instead of clinch. That is what forgiveness is for, I believe.

Forgiveness lets you let go of the human tumult that doesn’t do anyone any good. The poo doesn’t go away. The shoe’s sole will wipe clean.

When the tumult is released, peace replaces it. When we feel in our heart the power to forgive, the power that is ours, we experience Peace. If we don’t let the human mind get in the way, forgiveness is easy. It’s natural. It’s both giving and receiving a gift at the same time. The gift is peace.

Sweet Friend,
the power of Peace gives me the power to forgive
and to know the real forgiveness is for myself:
to free myself from itches, tensions, stress and strife
that I create.
The peace I know when I forgive
is the gentle flowing of your Love and Grace
throughout my being.
Watching where I step is how I feel your guidance.
Forgiving where I step is how I love your Presence.
And so I thank you, GOD, that Spirit lets me let go
of human disturbances, only as real
as I let them be.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.

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