Memorial Day Thanksgiving

Red. White. Blue. Memorial

Our Memorial Symbol

Happy Memorial Day.

Every day and any day are perfect times to express gratitude to and for those who serve our country, our citizens, our safety and well-being. Then Memorial Day brings that gratitude to the front of our minds. Thus, today is the chance to hold in memorial those who have already served and to thank those serving now.

Therefore, to every individual now and through the entire existence of the United States, THANK YOU! this Memorial Day.

No matter your reason for joining your service of choice — desire to serve, to follow your heritage, to fulfill draft obligations, to find your certainty — you served this country. And we are thankful.

In my own way I honor all those who have made my earthly freedom possible.

Sweet Spirit,
On this special day we remember and respect
and relay our thanks for every man and woman,
for every soldier, airperson, sailor, Marine,
for every police officer, fire fighter, and emergency medical server.
Their efforts protect and preserve the freedoms of our nation.
Their sacrifices of physical safety and life itself
demonstrate time over time their commitment
to our way of life, to our precious democracy, to our independence
as a nation of individuals.
Sweet Spirit, we thank you for their service,
for their grace as our brothers and sisters.
So it is, and so we say amen.

Love and Blessings,


29 May 2017

US Flag image: — © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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Oneness Mantra

A Oneness Resource: This Life Is Joy

A Oneness Resource

As part of my search for Oneness, I say, “Thank you, Rev. Roger Teel, for writing This Life Is Joy.  At the halfway point, I am feeling more than half-full, certainly not at all empty.”

For today as well as for the past several weeks, thank you for your specific recommendation that I bring to mind, to focus this truth:

Deeply we are One.

How true your statement that “to use this as a moment-by-moment mantra is enormously powerful.”

Being a slow study who must build a solid practice by repetition, I introduced Deeply we are One into my meditation as my spoken mantra. It offered me an immediate, rhythmic comfort. With each inhale, long and slow, I drew that consciousness of Oneness into my heart.

Near the end of each exhale, I whispered Deeply we are One aloud and felt the affirmation punctuate the Truth.

Very quickly I have experienced carryover from my specific moments meditating to my out-in-the-world, moment-by-moment being. After just 3 or 4 days meditation, I discovered my Self feeling the mantra — Deeply we are One — when someone else raised my emotions, whether affirmatively or not.

Deeply we are One.

While I encourage you to read and enjoy This Life Is Joy, you don’t have to wait to use the mantra.

And, of course, if you currently use a mantra that you trust, treasure and are willing to share with us, please do!

Good Friend GOD,
Every step that brings me closer
to knowing the true Oneness with you
and with all others is a blessing.
It is a blessing that cannot be repeated
too often; it offers heart-opening discoveries
every time.
Every sight that shows me we are One
for you are All gives me vision
of the infinite wonders of your creation.
It is a vision that cannot be enjoyed
too much; it shows the limitless beauty of One.
Thank you, Spirit, for every opportunity
to experience being One with you and with
everyone, with all, you have created.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

5 January 2017

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Commitment 2017

Commitment for 2017?

For years I haven’t made New Year’s Resolutions. Never could live up to them. Usually had forgotten the resolution by February.

But I’m all for setting measurable, accountable commitments. Right now I’m working on my Commitments 2017.

Just last week I received an e-mail invitation to Run the Year 2017. It invites me to run/walk 2017 miles in 2017. $25 gets me online encouragement, progress checks, a sense of camaraderie, a record-keeping tool and more. Another $10 gets me a medal I will wear if (and only if) I reach the 2017 miles goal.

2017 miles in 365 days equal 5.5 miles per day. That’s almost 39 miles a week. If my average run/walk speed is 12 minutes/mile (generously!), that’s almost 6 hours per week. Every week. For 52 weeks.

A good commitment offers  powerful tension between challenge and feasibility. Running/walking 2017 miles is  a challenge. The feasibility of running/walking 5.5 miles every day, every week through December 31, 2017 is a question.

Do we take on a commitment only if we are sure we can achieve it? Maybe not. Do we take on the commitment for the joy in the journey, whether we make the destination or not? I think so.

Some of my annual commitments I’ve over-accomplished. When I committed to 100 days’ sketching, I was hooked and stopped counting by the 2nd week. Sketching was more than enough turn on. It kept me on the commitment journey well beyond Day 100. Same with the several times I’ve committed to some sort of exercise for 100 days in a row.

Some commitments are not so successful but just as pleasurable during the doing. You may recall that Prayerful Life and I reached the 100/100 Affirmantra on June 5, 2015. Quite a high. But a year later we only reached 42/100 Morning Prayer. That shortfall had nothing to do with the joy of the journey. There was plenty of joy. Too many roadside distractions made me surrender that commitment. I fell short but felt good that I took it on.

2017 will likely tug hard for us to make and strive for commitments. If you’re hesitating, I offer some reasons to consider a specific Commitment 2017, almost any commitment. A number-of-times or number-of-days commitment will give you the opportunity

Now, since this is Prayerful Life, I offer these possible prayer-related Commitments for 2017:

Those are merely suggestions. You know what type of commitment will inspire you. You know what excites you as a goal, an objective, an accomplishment. And it’s up to you do work with a number of days or a number of times. Maybe it is a question of rhythm versus freedom. The beauty and the joy are it’s your commitment, so it’s up to you.

I’ve just sent my $25.

Powerful GOD,
I set my sight on the mountain crest
and I feel your Presence behind me.
I send my heart to the project’s end
and I hear your encouragement.
I stretch my muscles to lift the wall or build the fence
and I enjoy your breath with mine
as I saw every board and stack every boulder.

When the mountain top comes no closer
your Presence stays as strong.
As my project dissolves unfinished
your encouragement speaks as loud.
While the winds toss away the frame
and the rains flood away the boulders,
your breath is One with mine.

And so it is. I thank you, GOD. Amen.

Love and blessings,

29 December 2016

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