Morning Prayer 16/100. Interruptions

Interruptions happen.

This morning after meditating and as I was writing in my prayer journal, I listened to Flute Meditation Radio on Pandora. Free Pandora. Suddenly a voice that could have been from ’70s A.M. radio was selling hot tubs in my ear.

That interruption snapped my attention from the spiritual to the human worldly. Unavoidable because his voice was in my ear, then in my head. That got me thinking. Another human worldly process.



Interruptions to my spiritual be-ing happen with some frequency. Whether from outside or within me, those human worldly thoughts, ideas, images, worries, wants, memories often knock on the door of whatever I’m doing spiritually. They almost never say, “Excuse my interruption.”

I may be praying or walking with God or reading or contemplating. Doesn’t matter. Interruptions happen.

Yet, here are two good things  the hot tub salesman led me to realize before his 30-seconds were done:

  1. I get to choose whether I wrestle with the interruption, get upset by it, feel bad about it, resent its intrusion OR simply let it float right out of my mind as I return to my spiritual be-ing.
  2. I can consciously manifest the reverse: spiritual interruption. As often as I choose to, I can invite my spiritual awareness to interrupt my human doings. That is my choice, too. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the more such invitations I extend to spiritual interruptions, the sooner they’ll become my habit.

No, thank you, I’ll pass on the hot tub.

Living, loving Spirit,
I welcome every interruption you send my way.
And I am thankful for the gift you give me
to let me be undisturbed by interruptions
to my conscious time with You.
You give us infinite blessings
to know Oneness. They are more powerful
than any intrusion from the human world.
You give us the power of infinite ways
to interrupt our unnecessary worry
and thrill to the Oneness.
Every interruption, then, may bring us blessings.
And so it is.

Love and blessings,




Morning Prayer 15/100. A field beyond

A field beyond

A field beyond

A field beyond all ideas of right and wrong is where we are all meant to be.

Rumi’s 13th Century poem simplifies the beauty of the perfect existence from which we are created and for which we are created. There is the true existence that does not know the opposites of good/bad, light/dark, right/wrong. That existence is the Truth which we may name heaven, eternity, good, joy, peace, oneness.

We may know it as a field beyond except the word “beyond” may suggest it is unreachable. It is not. The entire poem which Rumi scribed is this:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.

We have the power to lie down in the grass of that field. The field is beyond human ideas that things are right and wrong. It is not beyond our grasp, not beyond our awareness, not beyond our consciousness. It is simply beyond our human impositions.

Our power of prayer takes us there. The power of prayer allows us to realize that definitions of right and wrong are human impositions. The power of prayer shows us the meaninglessness of “each other”. We are not “other”; we are One.

Sweet Spirit,
lead us to the field beyond human limitations.
Lead us to awareness that we impose limitations
upon ourselves by seeing through our imposed lenses
of “right” and “wrong”.
Lead us to the consciousness out of this languaged world
full of ideas and perceptions and phrases
that shadow our true vision of Oneness,
of true unity.
Thank you for giving us the prayer vehicle that takes us there,
carries us to the field beyond.
And so it is.

Love and blessings,



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Morning Prayer 14/100. Self reflection

Self reflection

Self reflection

Self reflection is a great deal of everything. And, I believe, self reflection is simply a great deal.

Notice the photograph I took yesterday, of a very young girl trying on sun glasses in a shop in Carmel by the Sea. She had it down to an artful science. Select a pair of sunglasses, slip them on, turn s l o w l y to the mirror to her left, peer at her face behind the glasses, peer at the glasses in front of her face, tilt her head to the left, tilt it to the right.

That got her as far as short-listing the glasses. No-go’s went back on the rack. Maybe’s went on a small table behind her. I didn’t stay to learn her final decision.

However, those few minutes of observation allowed me to consider the amazing values of self-reflection. I don’t mean the value of self-improvement, although that’s surely a powerful good that critical reflection can bring. No, that little girl was delighting in the opportunity to peruse herself.

You and I have the amazing opportunity to peruse ourselves as well. To stand in front of our spiritual, personal mirror and enjoy what we let ourselves see.

Below this posting are listed the categories and tags which relate to this posting’s content. I usually write a post then select the categories and the tags. This morning I went to the tags list and the categories list first. In both instances, I realized that the self-reflection I’m referring to covers more tags and categories than I can select.

Consider the limitless wonders you are: joy and power, peace and healing, love and humor, strength and humility. A few minutes in front of your personal mirror can show you all of that. And more. And you don’t have to return any of what you see to the rack; you don’t have to keep a few for the “maybe” list. All you see is you.

God our Mirror,
the beauty you allow us to see
that is our Self
is your creation and your blessing.
The joy you allow us to recognize
that is our Being
is your gift and your pleasure.
The peace you provide us
that is our Essence
is your Spirit alive as your Child.
God, grant us awareness to be free
to make the time and the comfort
to reflect on our Self, to be still and know
we are your Child.
And so it is. Amen.