Morning Prayer 31/100. Now and then

now and then

now and then

“Now and then” suggests separation and, at the same time, connection. Now: this very moment that is ever changing as the where and when of reality; and then: time gone by and so literally gone, except in the memory.

And there’s the throw-away phrase “now and then” which means “every once in a while, almost without thought, a moment of happenstance.”

Early this week a woman I know made her transition. She and I had cameo roles in each others’ lives some 50 years ago. Her older sister and I went steady through high school. To me she was on the edge of teen-age and usually running from one room to another. To her I was likely just the guy who hung around her sister.  That’s as well as we knew each other.

Every now and then, during the interval years, I’ve revisited many goneby moments still in my memory . Always a sentimental, reminiscent pleasure. Facebook brought this younger sister and me into cyber-contact a couple of years ago, so now and then I have seen what her life 50 years later was like. Her sister, my former girlfriend, and I haven’t communicated in all those years.

Now and then. Her transition this week allows me another perception of “now and then.” Despite the few photos and posts on Facebook, my connection with her was much more tied to then. Her transition brings her into now for me. The separations of space and time and my memory’s limitations vanished in an instant.

Conscious now that she is released from the human costume, the human stage, I enjoy a stronger connection. I recognize and respect the loss felt by her family. I will miss her occasional posts on Facebook. And I am moved to feel that stronger connection.

Amazing, perhaps ironic, that the few things we had in common as human beings distracted me from knowing our spiritual Oneness. The spiritual Oneness every one of us shares with every one of us.

How often, how much does being human get in the way and prevent us from sharing the truth that the Divine in me adores the Divine in you?

Divine Creator,
the blessing of knowing that every one of us
is your child
tells us we are seamlessly united.
The realization of our Oneness beyond our human trappings
frees us to adore the Spirit each of us is.
I affirm the power and the peace
that realization brings.
I affirm the exalting joy
from truly knowing, feeling
‘the Divine in me adores the Divine in you’.
I affirm that feelings of pain and sorrow
from losing a loved one
can allow us to reach for
the unconditional joy of knowing
Oneness in Spirit.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,






Morning Prayer 30/100. Here and now.

Here and now

Here and now

Here and now — this place at this instant — is reality. Nothing else is. Here and now can be very hard to stay in.

What happened 5 minutes ago was reality then. The turkey and cheese sandwich I made then is still reality, sitting here on the desk beside my laptop. However, the act of making it is no more. The moment when I made it is gone forever. I can return to the kitchen, but if time and space are truly united, that place at that instant is gone forever, too.

I don’t mean for every one of these postings to be based on my morning run, but lately those 30 minutes or so have been idea-rich. This morning’s certainly was. About 100 yards out of the driveway, just picking up my slow-start rhythm, something made me think “everywhere.” Just the word “everywhere”. That took me to thoughts of “everywhere I’ve been” which is quite a few places. But I’ve friends and family dedicated travel, ready and willing to go anywhere. By travelling anywhere eventually they may be able to claim they’ve been everywhere.

Then as I looked up at the sunrise pink sky, in my mind’s eye I saw the word EVERYWHERE. And then I saw it  this way: everywHERE. And then like this: every HERE.

Here and now is a phrase I often wrestle with. I wrestle because I love here and I love now. I love making the moment to look at sun’s waking up. I thrill to realizing that as I run my here changes one step to the next. I am excited by intellectually realizing that what just happened is gone forever. Forever. And that’s wrestling because I also love my ever-increasing store of memories from there and then. As well, I’m an anticipator extraordinaire who takes great joy from looking forward to whatever is to happen.

Mindfulness is essentially conscious awareness of the here and the now. It’s bringing the mind to the present time and the present place because this is the real moment. No other moment but this moment is real.

This morning I ran through the smell left by a skunk. Made me think of the skunk Alex and I spotted a couple of days ago. I wondered if it was the same skunk and immediately laughed. No, can’t be the same skunk (even if it is) and I am not exactly the same person who spotted the skunk day before yesterday. Here and now. Real time. Real place. Different skunk. Different me.

Good Friend God,
I love you right here, right now.
I receive and accept your love right now, right here.
The more completely I can BE in the moment,
aware of the place I am standing, the sky above me,
the air in my lungs right now
the more consciously alive my BEing is.
That lets me be alive in my awareness
that I am ONE with you and so with all that is.
There’s joy for me in remembering
and there’s excitement for me in anticipating.
And there’s blessing for me in knowing
that I remember and I expect from this precious moment
in this precious place.
Here and now.
Thank you, God. And so it is.

Love and blessings,






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Morning Prayer 29/100. Being grounded

Being grouned

Being grounded

Being grounded began early this morning.

I set out to run before sunrise. I was immediately conscious of the ground. The rhythm of my footfall sounding solidly against the asphalt. I was thankful to have firm ground to run on. To walk on, to stand on at other times, for that matter.

Crossing a side street, I was freshly aware of the knobbed ramp from sidewalk to street. The ramp serves wheelchairs, the knobs call one’s attention to the intersection. Communication with the ground.

I cut across the street and missed the ramp on the other side of the street. My more cautious step up onto the sidewalk reminded me of a couple of tumbles from previous runs. Another appreciation for the ground: it’s there, it doesn’t move, it waits (patiently) for me to land, it treats my knees and outstretched hands as gently as it can.

As all that rippled across my mind this morning, I recalled the Irish blessing that begins, May the road rise up to meet you. A road is of the ground. The ground over which we travel gives us means and ends: lets us create ways to get there then offers our destination with a welcoming glow.

By now I was sweating and absolutely loving being grounded by my moving connection with the ground underneath me. I turned a corner and ran into the rich aroma of fresh, dark mulch. Charcoal brown mounds surrounded trees and filled newly cleared shrub beds. For some, appreciating the powerful fragrance might take effort. Ground to ground. For me it was a reminder of ground serving ground.

I turned the last corner, starting the final mile towards home. The sun was directly ahead of me, just over the trees. Without looking, I knew it painted my shadow long and thin on the ground behind me. All the earthliness of being grounded now rose up, filled my heart and gave blessing to know that being truly grounded is with Spirit.

Sweet, Sweet Spirit
the ground you grant us to walk on
cannot compare
to the grounding you give our hearts
to know our creation from you,
to know our blessings as your child,
to know our security and prosperity
and spiritual perfection as your creation.
We are grounded in your love and by your love.
That fulfills our every need.
All else we seek to make us “better”
is our illusion.
Thank you, God, that we remember
from the hints and clues you offer
that our heart is grounded in your Truth.
And so it is. And so we thank you, God.

Love and blessings,