Expressing Peace. Friends. 48.



Friends cause peace in perhaps an infinity of ways.

Seeing friends from long ago or far away brings the peace of “It is still so.”

Speaking with a friend for the 3rd or 4th time today affirms there isn’t too much of something so good.

Thinking of friends I had for different reasons and in different situations decorates my memory.

Catching up on a friend’s condition and sharing mine is like the peace of a river’s flow.

Meeting a friend for lunch whether to talk heavy or chat over soup hums louder “Someone like you….”

Sharing a special view or sound or idea tightens the bond.

These are how peace feels and what peace means. These are the blessings we receive as We Are Peace.

The peace of having a friend, of being a friend, of knowing a friend can expand to knowing every one as Friend. Knowing Peace creates the cause and the effect of knowing everyone as Friend.

Good Friend, GOD,
thank you again and again and again
for the friends that fill my life on earth.
Thank you that I know your Spirit as the Friend
with whom I am One.
Thank you for the multi-blessings having a friend
and being a friend
gives to me, to us.
As we share love, we know your Love.
As we build trust, we know our ultimate Trust in you.
As we find joy, we praise the Joy you spark us with.
As we feel peace, we thrive to the Peace you let us be.
Good Friend, GOD, bless you for blessing us
with friends and all that friendship gives.
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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Expressing Peace. Supper. 47.



Supper brings its own special joy. And peace.

The joy of chopping, sauteing, seasoning, stirring, tasting, adjusting.

The warmth rising from the stove.

The sweet smells of chicken from the oven, scallions and pecans in the skillet, chopped peach on the cutting board.

The satisfaction of putting it all together, seeing the ingredients blend and mix and share their savoriness.

The anticipation of dishing it out, carrying servings to the table, lifting our plates as we say, “Thank you, GOD!”

Peace showers over supper. From the first look at what’s in the fridge to the last bite from the plate.

Peace accompanies each taste, each easing of the day behind, each smile at whatever tastes good.

Peace follows the meal, clearing the table, rinsing the plates, scouring the pan and skillet.

Supper brings Peace. And Joy.

Feast Giver,
the evening meal brings peace to end our day
and Peace to make us glad.
The preparation of our supper
gives us peace from heavy thought
and Peace for thanks that we have food.
The blending of the spinach, peach, and scallion
gives us peace to know the harmony of flavors
and Peace reminding us we are the marriage
of body, mind, and spirit.
The dishing food onto our plates
gives us peace that what we’ve made we’ll now enjoy
and Peace reflecting on your creating us and serving us this life.
We bless our supper, GOD.
We bless the Peace it lets us know.
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Enjoy Supper.


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Expressing Peace. Running to Peace. 46.

Running to Peace

Running to Peace

Only recently, after recovering from a sprained ankle, has “running to peace” been my focus.

In my 30s my focus was distance, seeking longer and longer and longer runs.

In my 40s my focus was speed, striving for faster and faster and faster runs.

In my 50s my focus was consistency and control, running regularly without injury.

Now in my 60s my focus is the joy of running. Nothing else; just the joy of only one foot on the ground at any given moment.

This past week I’ve gotten back to running to peace.

I’ve enjoyed a few, slow runs, testing the ankle. So far so good.

This morning, on a short run before getting ready for church, I realized my “running to peace” has two meanings: running to peace for my human self, running to Peace for my spiritual Self .

Scaling the nearby hill was tough after weeks of not running. Before I could finish my thought beginning with “Ugh…”, the peaceful joy of being able to run interceded. Added to that I remembered I had Peace Energy behind me. And it didn’t matter how hard it was to get to the hilltop. It wasn’t moving, I was, and I would get there.

My spiritual quest is just like running up that hill. Spirit’s not going anywhere; I’m on the move to get to that pinnacle of True Connection. When I get tired, it’s momentary; the relief of knowing I am moving forward refreshes me.

The ankle feels good. The learning feels even better. Running to peace continues.

Spiritual Coach and Trainer,
every step I run brings my body more joy:
the joy of being able to move and breathe and sweat.
The joy of knowing Spirit is eternally strong,
breathes Love and Peace nonstop,
and never needs to sweat.
Every hill I run assures my mind that one step at a time
will take me to the crest;
every slope I encounter on my way to you
reveals your Energy moves me to any height
that I may know connection.
Every run I enjoy:
it charges my body,
it fuels my mind,
and it raises my spirit.
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Run to Peace.


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