Unconditional Love, Unconditionally Received

Gods-Unconditional-LoveEach of us is a child of Spirit. We are made by Spirit. We are expressions of Spirit. We are made from Spirit.

We are thus all good. We are loved without doubts, without questions, without conditions by God. By God!

Of course, we are known to create doubts: Being “all good” is more than I can handle. I’ve got shortcomings galore!

And questions:  See the pain and evil all around me? How can I believe the perfection of Spirit?

And conditions: If to win God’s love I must be sinless, it’s not likely to happen.

All of that is how we turn down the beautiful offer of Unconditional Love. The Love is there to take. We tend to create reasons not to take it. The beautiful instruction, Let go; let God, can take us past that resistance.

If we let go of our doubts, questions, and conditions, we can let God’s unconditional love fill us unconditionally. Let go of what you put between you and God’s love. Let God’s love be all that matters.

Sweet Spirit,
We thankfully release from our minds all fear, all doubt, all hesitation.
Our hearts joyfully see and hear your unconditional love for each of us,
as each of us is your child.
You more than merely give us the gift of love , Sweet Spirit.
You express Divine Love by our being.
So we are your Love as we receive your love.
The Love we are and share realizes Peace,
promotes Harmony,
generates Joy.
Loving God, we thank you for giving us the freedom and the will
to fill our human existence with love and peace and harmony and joy.
And so it is. And so we let it be. Amen.

Have a beautiful day. Pray on!


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Time for Spirit, Time with Spirit

Time for Spirit?

Paris Clocks – Nick Sarebi

It’s more than ironic that time is not real in Spirit and that time has such an amazing impact on our lives.

Sure, the premise that time is not real, even in Spirit, is a bit hard to take. How many times a day do you check a clock, your watch, your cell phone’s time, the car radio dial (time)? And if you do none of that, how many times a day do you ask someone for the time?

But time is not real in Spirit? Nope.

Spirit is eternal and eternal is timeless; eternity is timelessness.

Spirit is forever Now, not then or later or when. Now.

The physical transition from “life” has come to define for many the “ultimate moment” when everything ends. Or at least everything that matters.

In Truth, we are blessed to know that our Being, the True Spirit we are–each of us, All of Us–does not end. Ever. Is not punctuated by the passing of our physical costume.

Comparatively less important time-measures govern our human lives. Wake up time. Work time. Meal time. Being on time. Church service time. Meet-for-coffee time. Less important perhaps than end of physical life, but we control our lives by such time. Which can mean we allow time to control our lives.

This makes me want (need) to pray.

Sweet Spirit,
Time is not important until I make it so.
I enjoy the time I set aside to be entirely with you:
my body, mind, and spirit.
I appreciate the spontaneous times your Presence
nudges me, lets me remember you are always with me.
I respect that time is my creation
and past, present and future have meaning only
as I decide.
I love your reminders that Truth is now,
that Now is the real moment.
I shed troubles carried from the past;
I discard worries for what is the future.
I celebrate the glory of the ever-present moment

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Change? Can You Make Some Change?

loose changeBob Dylan’s famous lyric – the times they are a-changin’ – was written in 1963. Certainly, the world 50 years ago was in the midst of change.

Consider how much (more) change has occurred in the half-century since then. Changes in just about every part of our lives: homes, cars, clothes, news sources, food, what we know and what we think about.

Consider, too, how much you and I have changed!  Some changes were forced upon us. Others are changes we voluntarily initiated. Changes in what we believe. Or no longer believe. Changes in things we do. Or choose to do no longer.

What is a change you didn’t want to experience but survived, possibly even grew as a result? How might you say “thank you”?

What change did you manifest, proud that you did? How might you express your gratitude?

What change happened without your noticing at the time, then surprised you with its good? How might you give thanks?

Change is. Faster. Bigger. Big enough to hug!

Source of Lasting Joy,
As the world spins around the sun,
we are grounded in your eternal permanence.

As days whirr by and change can go unnoticed,
we pause and celebrate the steadiness of your love.

As we project what’s next while moments slip away,
we revel in our peaceful stillness with you, no worries
nor fears nor needs to prepare.

All is well and certain is your grace.
And so it is. 

Be on the lookout for change, for all the good change brings!



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